Backup Failed - No license to perform the requested operation


Backup fails with the error:

Backup Failed - no license to perform the requested operation


This issue can occur after a manual backup client install was run on the agent, and the 'license server' option was selected during the installation.


You will need to remove the current installation, and run a new install through Kaseya, so the correct license gets applied :-
1) Remove Acronis completely from the machine by going to:
Control Panel > Programs and Features, and removing all Acronis components. Afterwards then reboot the machine.

2) Once rebooted, run the clean-up utilities to remove all possible remnants:

3) Push through a new install via the 'Backup > Install / Remove' page.

4) Run another backup job.

Applies To

Kaseya Backup (KBU)
R9, R8, VSA 7.0, VSA 6.5

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