Backup failed - Another shadow copy creation is already in progress


Backups fail with this error message: -

Backup failed - ProtectCommand: Failed to execute the command. Step 'Backup' has failed. TOL: Failed to execute the command. The 'Backing up' command backs up the specified data to the specified location. Backup has failed. Failed to commit operations. Failed to create volume snapshot. Failed to start creating the volume snapshot. Another shadow copy creation is already in progress. Wait a few moments and try again. 


Acronis is unable to create a VSS snapshot because another process is already taking a snapshot. This occurs when there is another VSS enabled backup product running on the Backup agent machine.

Use of Kaseya Backup on the same machine as other backup products is not supported.


Remove 3rd party backup product.


Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - all versions

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