Restore backup to a 2008 Domain Controller with authoritative restore


When restoring a backup to a a Windows 2008 Domain Controller upon reboot after restore finished the machine will BSOD after the initial Windows 2008 splash screen. Machine will only boot in SAFEMODE.


Back up the system with Domain Controller using Ntbackup.
   See Backing Up and Restoring Active Directory Server with Acronis True Image

   1. Restore the backup to the new hardware using Acronis Universal Restore and adding new drivers. On this step the drivers will be OK to boot in Windows, but AD might fail to replicate with other Domain Controller. SeeTransferring Windows to Dissimilar Hardware.

   2.      Disconnect any network connection before booting;
   3.      Start system in Active Directory Restore mode by pressing F8 during boot. If you cannot log into the system with your credentials, try logging in without specifying any password.
   4.      Restore the system state using Ntbackup. On this step AD should be consistent after the system state recovery, but the old drivers will be restored. Hence, if attempted, the system will fail to boot. See Microsoft TechNet Chapter Active Directory Backup and Restore.

   5. Then do not boot Windows, but reboot the machine from Acronis Bootable Media and create an image of the system partition you have on the machine;
   6. Finally, restore the system partition once again using Acronis Universal Restore and specifying the respective drivers once again.

Now mass storage device drivers, HAL and AD should be altogether working properly. You can start the Domain Controller and boot in Windows. It will be able to replicate with other Domain Controllers in the network.

Applies to:
Windows 2008 Domain Controller
Acronis Backup and Recovery V10+

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