Perform a backup of SQL, MS Exchange using BUDR Pre/Post Procedures


How can I perform a backup of MS Exchange using BUDR without VSS and not create a "dirty" backup?


One does not actually have to take Exchange offline for the duration of the backup.  The snapshot process is very fast. The Exchange store is offline for about ~3 minutes, and it is safe to restart the store when trueimagecmd.exe fires. Between then and the backup start, it takes the block-level snap shot.  The following file shows how this is done:

Note: These included scripts stop the MSSQLSERVER service. Stopping this service will cause whatever software is dependent on it from functioning correctly also, such as MS Exchange in this case and whatever else, etc...

This performs a clean Exchange backup without VSS, as the stores are only offline for about ~3 minutes.

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BUDR - Backup

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