What are the options and guidelines for backing up SQL, Exchange?


 What are the options and guidelines for backing up SQL, Exchange, and/or AD-based data with BUDR?





There are two options for backing up SQL, Exchange, and AD data as noted below:

Option 1 - Pre/Post Script Procedures

First, you can use pre/post scripts, as defined & supplied in these KB articles and links:

Exchange & SQL – http://community.kaseya.com/kb/w/wiki/perform-a-backup-of-ms-exchange-using-budr-pre-post-procedures.aspx

Active Directory - http://community.kaseya.com/kb/w/wiki/ensure-a-good-backup-of-an-active-directory-domain-controller.aspx

A set of Pre/Post script samples are found here:


This help file describes this as well:


This option is the most reliable option, as it reduces the complexity of the backup. However, as these KB Articles above note, temporarily stopping services related to the data being backed up is necessary. If some small downtime is allowed, Kaseya recommends that you use this route.

Option 2 - VSS

If downtime is not possible in your environment, then you can use the VSS option to backup live SQL, Exchange, and AD data. This is option is available to be selected in the Backup > Backup > Schedule Volumes page. This help file describes this as well under the "Verify VSS" section:


Other applications on the server can interfere with VSS, so Kaseya recommends that there are no other backup products installed and that any Antivirus product installed is the latest version available and is fully patched.

Likewise, the operating system and SQL / Exchange should have all available patches applied, as there have been numerous VSS patches to Windows, SQL, and Exchange.



Applies To:

BUDR - Backup, K2

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