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Backup fails with "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service"


Backup fails and Acronis log contains "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service".


<event id="8" level="4" module="1" code="502" time="1304089522" message="Operation with partition '0-0' was terminated. Details: <indent>Failed to create volume snapshot. Error code: 0x70021 Tag: 0x2CBDD167CBCA95A4 Failed to enumerate open files on the volume. Error code: 0x10C451 Tag: 0x14181C22EF45ADE6 Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service Error code: 0xFFF0 code = 2,147,943,850 (0x800705AA) Tag: 0xBD28FDBD64EDB8BC</indent>"line_tag="0xA164035B3FF39281" />
<event id="9" level="4" module="7" code="33" time="1304089522" message="Unable to create volume snapshot"line_tag="0x2CBDD167CBCA95A4" />
<event id="10" level="4" module="16" code="50257" time="1304089522" message="Failed to enumerate open files on the volume." line_tag="0x14181C22EF45ADE6" />
- <event id="11" level="4" module="0" code="65520" time="1304089522" message="Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service" line_tag="0xBD28FDBD64EDB8BC">
<field name="code" type="TULong64">2147943850</field>
<event id="12" level="4" module="100" code="103" time="1304089522" message="Failed to perform the backup operation." />



Creation of Acronis backup snapshot consumes more system resource than is available to the backup process.


Use the following suggestions to free up system resources:

  • If the operating system is Windows 2003 Server, delete /3GB /userva=3030 from boot.ini;
  • In Windows Registry Editor, locate and change the following values (Start-Run -> regedit -> CTRL-F):

    PagedPoolSize to Hex-Value ffffffff (see also Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: Backup program is unsuccessful when you back up a large system volume)
    PoolUsageMaximum to Dez-Value 60

  • Increase the size of the desktop heap from 3072 KB to 4096 KB as described Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 126962:

    Open the following value in Windows Registry Editor:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems -> Windows

    And change the Value data to the following one:

    %SystemRoot%\system32\csrss.exe ObjectDirectory=\Windows SharedSection=1024,4096,512 Windows=On SubSystemType=Windows ServerDll=basesrv,1 ServerDll=winsrv:UserServerDllInitialization,3 ServerDll=winsrv:ConServerDllInitialization,2 ProfileControl=Off MaxRequestThreads=16

  • In Windows Server System Performance switch to optimal performance for Background service and System cache.


If you still encounter issues, please gather the following information and submit to Kaseya support: -
  1. Acronis log of failed backup (go to Backup > Backup Sets > click on 'failed' hyper-link in results column)
  2. Acronis Info tool output from Backup client
  3. details of any changes made after reading the Acronis article




To access the Acronis log for a backup taken with Kaseya Backup, go to Backup tab > Backup Sets function and click the success/failed link in the "Result" column.



  • Kaseya Backup (all versions)
  • Acronis Backup and Recovery (all versions)

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