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Image to VM fails after 2 hours - Convert process was interrupted and did not complete


When converting image to virtual machine format from Backup > Recovery > Image to VM function, the user interface reports this error 2 hours after submitting the job: 

Convert run on h:mm:ss pm dd-mmm-yy failed
Convert process was interrupted and did not complete.


There is a bug in the log processing of VM conversions, meaning that jobs taking more than 2 hours will be reported as failed even though the Acronis task is still running.


This will be fixed in a future version of Kaseya Backup. As a workaround, you can check the progress of the conversion this way: -

1) monitor kaseyabackupcmd.exe process
2) when it stops running, check the log which is called backupConvertLog.xml and should be located in the agent working directory - this will tell you if it was successful

Alternatively you may use the Kaseya Backup local UI for conversion of larger images - this is not affected by the 2-hour timeout.

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