Operating system does not boot after restore using Acronis recovery CD (Universal Restore)

KB# - KKB000817



  • Restore is completed using the Acronis recovery CD (Universal Restore), but the operating system will not boot correctly.
  • There may be a blue-screen (BSOD) or it may continually reboot.






The recovery CD could not install drivers for a device critical for booting the operating system, such as motherboard or hard-disk.


1) Use the most recent version of the Acronis Recovery CD, which you can download from here 


2) Go to the target hardware vendor's website and download all motherboard, chipset, RAID, SAS and SCSI drivers available for the particular machine model.

(!) Make sure that you download drivers for the OS that will be restored to the target machine and also that drivers fit with the architecture of the OS (x32, x64)


3) Save all downloaded files in one folder. Make sure that drivers are in SYS, OEM or INF format - these are the only formats that Acronis Universal Restore recognizes.

(!) If drivers are delivered in .EXE packages they can be extracted usually. if necessary please contact hardware vendor support to get drivers in  SYS, OEM or INF extension.


4) Run the recovery and specify folder with the drivers for Universal Restore to search for the drivers

5) When the restore is completed, before you reboot, please collect a log of recovery operation (this will be required if system does not boot) -  go to Help > Collect System Information in the recovery CD menu and save the output to a local or USB attached drive

6) If OS still does not boot after restore please collect the following logs necessary for investigation:

   * recovery log (as collected on step 5)
   * folder with the drivers
   * what happens to the machine after the restore? (Black screen, BSOD?)
   * get a photo or exact text message of BSOD

(!) If the system keeps rebooting instead of getting to BSOD, hit F8 and select the option Disable automatic restart on system failure.

   * is it possible to boot into safe mode or "last known good configuration"?

   * get a capture of Windows registry and ntbtlog.txt from restored system:
       - Boot the computer from the recovery CD again
       - Create files/folders backup of the following files:
                 \Windows\System32\Config\SYSTEM file
       - Send us the created *.tib file

   * get a capture of Windows registry from source system (where backup was created) - you can do it in the same way as above (ntbtlog.txt from the source system is not necessary)

   * collect Acronis report from the restored machine to get disk and partition layout:



In most cases following steps 1-5 above will be enough, but if the issue persists, please collect all the information mentioned under step 6 and contact Kaseya support.



  • Kaseya Backup (all versions)
  • Acronis TrueImage Server (all versions)
  • Acronis Backup and Recovery (all versions)

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