Backup fails because selected disk or partition could not be found


Backup fails with with on of the following error messages: -

  • "Failed to find hard disk"
  • "Failed to find partition"
  • "Failed to resolve the item:" (followed by disk number or partition letter)


  • Acronis disk audit may be out of date.
  • A permission problem may prevent access to Acronis low-level disk drivers during the backup.
  • There was a bug in an earlier build of Acronis (10.0-17552) which caused disks to be audited incorrectly on some clients.



1) go to Backup > Configure > Install/Remove function and ensure Acronis client is updated the latest build (11.5-37977 at the time of writing)

2) if the client is already up-to-date, verify the installation (this will update the drive list)

3) submit a new backup

If the problem persists at this point: -

4) log onto the client computer as the "agent credential" account and run this command from a cmd prompt: -

Acronis v11.x - "acrocmd list disks"
Acronis v10.x or earlier - "<programfiles>\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\trueimagecmd.exe /list"

It should report disk hardware details. If no data is displayed or you see an error message or UAC pop-up, then it is most likely a permission problem. Please proceed as follows in this case: -

5) if UAC is enabled, set the trueimagecmd.exe or acrocmd.exe process to run as administrator: -
- right click on file and select properties
- click on Compatibility tab and check "Run this program as administrator"

6) check if the credential account belongs to local "administrators" and "backup operators" groups - if not, add it to both groups and re-test the backup

7) if the account already belongs to the required groups, create another account (domain or local) with the same group membership and enter this as the agent credential account 

8) test the backup again


Further investigation

If the issue is unresolved, please submit the following information to Kaseya support: -

1) exact error message when backup fails
2) Acronis disk audit saved on the kserver (C:\Kaseya\UserProfiles\<agentguid>\Audit\backupList.xml)
3) output from trueimagecmd.exe /list command (as per step 4 above) - include a screenshot of any error message or pop-up
4) is UAC enabled on client?
5) outcome of testing with different agent credentials
6) Acronis Info tool output from client machine (see KKB000732 for details)


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