Backup fails with "Runlist corrupted" or "MFT bitmap corrupted"

KB# - KB000808



Backup fails with one of these errors reported in the Acronis log: -

<event message="Operation with partition '0-0' was terminated. Details: <indent>Run list is corrupted. Error code: 0x7001C Tag: 0x89D94B01B483E24E</indent>" time="1315836192" code="502" module="1" level="4" id="7" line_tag="0xA164035B3FF39281"/> <event message="Runlist corrupted" time="1315836192" code="28" module="7" level="4" id="8" line_tag="0x89D94B01B483E24E"/> <event message="Failed to perform the backup operation." time="1315836192" code="103" module="100" level="4" id="9"/>


<event message="Operation with partition '0-0' was terminated. Details: <indent>MFT bitmap is corrupted. Error code: 0x70018 Tag: 0x89D94B01B483E19F</indent>" time="1315963015" code="502" module="1" level="4" id="8" line_tag="0xA164035B3FF39281"/> <event message="MFT bitmap corrupted" time="1315963015" code="24" module="7" level="4" id="9" line_tag="0x89D94B01B483E19F"/> <event message="Failed to perform the backup operation." time="1315963015" code="103" module="100" level="4" id="10"/>



These errors can be caused by: -

  • disk/file system corruption on the source disk
  • Acronis disk driver fault



Refer to this Acronis article -

Follow the Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 part of the solution section.

If the issue is unresolved, run the Acronis info tool and submit the output to Kaseya support along with the log sample.


To access the Acronis log for a backup taken with Kaseya Backup, go to Backup tab > backup Sets function and click the success/failed link in the "Result" column.



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