Unable to restore MBR from Acronis backup image - system will not boot

KB# KKB001032



After the recovering the Windows system partition from an Acronis backup image, the system fails to boot and displays a message saying "unable to find boot MBR".



The master boot record (MBR) has not been restored. The MBR may be located on any disk partition, including non-Windows partitions which cannot be backed up by Acronis at partition level. If the MBR was not included in the backup, it will not be available for restore using the Acronis recovery CD.



If the MBR was included in the backup, it will be displayed in the backup contents when creating the restore job using the Acronis recovery CD.


If the MBR was not backed up, it must be recreated after the restore using Microsoft Windows tools, such as described here:



Please contact Microsoft support if you are unable to recreate the MBR - this is not supported by Kaseya Backup/Acronis.


Note - if backing up an entire system image, it is recommended to select disks instead of partitions on the Schedule Volumes page in Kaseya Backup. This will ensure the MBR is included, even if it is located on a non-Windows partition.



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