User gets logged out of Kaseya due to "inactivity timeout" when there is activity inside Desktop Access session


- Logon Policy (under System > Server Management) is configured to expire users sessions after (for example) 30 minutes.

- A user has a Desktop Access session open in Live Connect.

- After 30 minutes (or whatever the session timeout is set to) where there is activity inside the Desktop Access session, but not elsewhere in the Kaseya web interface, the user session is expired (meaning the user gets logged out of Kaseya, and the Desktop Access session is disconnected).



At this time the cause is unknown. The problem has been reproduced by Kaseya support team and reported to Engineering.



There is no programatic solution available at this time.


Workaround - configure the session expiry to a longer time: -

1) go to System > Server Management > Logon Policy

2) set "Minutes of inactivity before a user session expires" to a period long enough to accomodate Desktop Access sessions where the user is not using other parts of Kaseya



Kaseya VSA v6.5

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