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The default method for clients to download a Live Connect on Demand (LCoD) agent is to direct to the company VSA server site (i.e., http://mymsp.com/gethelp). If there is a preference to use an alternative web portal to join a LCoD session, then we'll employ a method to grab the LCoD code as an ID and embed it into the URL. This will allow the client to download the LCoD agent easily.




In your site's HTML body, it will require placement of an input element:

<input id="myCode" type="text" name="code">

Additionally, it'll require a button element:

<button onClick="window.open('http://msp.org/ARS/v1.0/?id='+document.getElementById('myCode').value);">Connect</button>

The button contains a function window.open which will launch a new window directing to the VSA site (http://msp.org). Since LCoD sits under the the Authorization Request Service directory and it requires a code in order for it to request the appropriate LCoD agent package, it will plug in the ID from the textbox element and result in the full URL string:


An example site may look like this:




When the user inputs a valid code and clicks on the Connect button, the user will be brought to the LCoD page and automatically download the LCoD agent.

Note: It would be prudent to provide data validation to ensure the client isn't inputting invalid values. For example, the code will always be 9 numerical digits long. Attempts to submit with alphabetical, special, or blank value should be prevented.



Do a DNS table update that would re-direct the URL to the correct site using a URL of your choice instead of the /gethelp site. Basically, forwarding a defined subdomain to another URL and ideally masking it so for example, you would see help.mymsp.org instead of kaseya.mymsp.org/gethelp.



Embed HTML code on your own site to have customers put in the ID number.


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