BMS Integration | Common FAQs on the IT Glue BMS deep integrations

1. How to set up IT Glue/BMS integration?
2. How do I disconnect or use a different login for my IT Glue integration with BMS?
Navigate to Home > Settings > My Profile >Integrations > Disconnect.
Steps detailed here
3. Does this integration give access to all the data present in BMS and IT Glue?
The data to be accessed is dependent on the user roles and permission set up in IT Glue.
Refer :
4. What modules will have the availability of the ITGlue side panel?
5. What is the functionality of  View in ITGlue?
The View in ITglue button is available on all the tabs of this integration and it allows you to open ITglue for a specific record in a separate tab and also to drill down any particular content.
6. What are the data/tabs available from ITglue with this integration?
The below tabs from ITglue are synced in real-time and are visible on BMS UI.
Configuration, Organization, Contact, Location. This is detailed here.
The tabs are dynamic in nature. The related information from ITGlue is dependant on what module you are currently on.
7. How can my technician make use of this integration?
8. Why am I unable to see any entries in contacts for an asset in the ITglue side panel?
9. How does asset sync work with new assets?
ITGlue runs a background job every few minutes. When a new asset is added from  BMS, it should take a few minutes to show up in ITGlue.
If the asset is created in VSA, it will be first pushed to BMS and then to ITGlue.
In case of deletion of an asset, the records will be retained, but assets will be deactivated.
10. What is the account access needed to setup ITGlue integration?
The API credentials should be of a BMS Admin user or the user should have the enable API feature enabled
11. Can I download attachments present ITglue using this integration?
Yes, You can click on the attachment and hit download from the BMS UI screen itself.
Steps detailed here .
12. Is the ITGlue button available on mobile view screens?
 No, ITGlue button is disabled on any screen that has a size less than 1024px.
13. Do I have the ability to resize the ITGlue window?
Yes, A slider is present to allow resizing of the ITGlue window in the BMS app.
14. Can any of my techs disconnect and connect to ITGlue?
To do this, they should have access to tickets in BMS and also a valid ITGlue account.

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