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This article discusses how company and contact notes are obtained from IT Glue when the BMS - IT Glue integration is in place. The company notes and contact notes show in BMS tickets in the new view. The company and contact notes sections only shows when user in BMS is connected to ITG. The company notes and contact notes are extracted from IT Glue depending on the user's role and permission. If you are a user with edit permission in BMS, you can add/edit company and contact notes. If you are a user with read-only permission, you can only view the notes.

Company Notes

  • The company notes is account based. 
  • The company notes is visible on top of the ticket details. Organization notes corresponds to company notes on the ticket.
  • By default, company notes is collapsed. You can click to expand company notes. The company notes will still show even if the organization does not have any data. However, the company notes will not show if you are connected to IT Glue but organization is not synced.
  • Based on the login access to IT Glue profile, as a technician, you can edit company notes. Notes edited in BMS will be pushed to IT Glue organization notes.
  • You can use the rich text editor to edit the notes. You will not be able to paste any images into the editor.

Contact Notes

  • Contact notes show when BMS is connected to IT Glue.
  • Contact notes is displayed on the side panel.
  • Contact notes is visible inside the ticketing Contact section.
  • You can add contact notes in BMS afresh even when there is no previous contact notes.
  • When BMS is not connected to IT Glue, contact notes will not be visible.
  • If you do not have permission to view contact notes, you will not be able to see View in IT Glue in BMS view.
  • Contact notes will not show if BMS is connected to IT Glue and contact is not synced.


  • If you are a read-only user, the rich text editor shows under company notes and under contact notes; however, when you try to save the notes, an access denied error will be displayed.
  • If you are a read-write user, you should be able to edit and save company and contact notes.
  • If you are a user who does not have access to organization or contact notes in IT Glue, company notes and contact notes will not show in BMS respectively.

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