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BMS - IT Glue Integration | IT Glue embedded checklists


IT Glue embedded checklists are lists of tasks that are available in the form of a checklist that can be attached to a ticket. These checklists ensure speedy and timely processing of tasks that are attached to a ticket, one after the other. The checklists also make sure that the processing follows a certain hierarchy or order. The tasks that are mentioned in the checklists can be completed in the order they are mentioned. (You can also change the order.)

The BMS integration with IT Glue has been enhanced with a switch from checklist template to checklist. Checklists in BMS now call checklist APIs, instead of checklist templates APIs. The trigger endpoints are now on the level of checklist and not checklist template. This facilitates import of checklists related to organization from IT Glue to BMS when user clicks on the Checklist icon, and the user is able to see all related checklist items added to BMS tickets. The previous integration worked only for admins and managers; however, the current integration works for ordinary users as well.

Security roles now have the option to enable/disable IT Glue checklists on tickets.


  1. The IT Glue user can be an admin or manager or an ordinary user to leverage this feature.
  2. You should have an active BMS - IT Glue integration for the checklists to appear as part of your ticket.

Note: The integration imports only organization checklists.


  1. Open a ticket of your choice.
  2. On the right side your ticket area at the same level as the heading Checklist, you will find a small icon that says Import from Checklists. (You will find this name if you hover the mouse over the icon and if your IT Glue integration is active.) This is a new addition which has its roots in IT Glue.

  3. Click the Import from Checklists icon. A window with a list of checklists will open. The Import from Checklists window shows the name of the checklist, the last time it was updated, when it was created, and the name of the creator.

  4. Select as many radio buttons next to each checklist as you would want to and then click Add to Ticket.
  5. As soon as you select the checklist to add, you can see the associated tasks above the ticket.

  6. Click each task to open and then provide a description for your tasks.
  7. You can mark the tasks as they are are completed. You can see a blue tick next to the task that has been marked completed. You can copy or even delete an individual task. You can move a task up or down.

Additionally, you can save the set of tasks that you added above as a checklist by itself. Click the ellipsis option next to the Checklists icon, and you will be able to explore more options. You can hide the checklist, copy the checklist to clipboard or save as a new checklist. Also, you can delete the checklist.

  1. Click the ellipsis icon next to the Import from Checklists icon.
  2. Select Save As New Checklist option from the list.

  3. In the Save as New Checklist window, provide a name and a description for the checklist.
  4. Click Save to IT Glue button. You can now save the ticket number in BMS tickets in the checklist title in IT Glue when you click to save the checklist from BMS to IT Glue so that you can track the checklists saved by ticket number. The ticket number is added automatically in the checklist title under the Checklists section in IT Glue when you save the checklist to IT Glue. When importing the saved checklist from IT Glue to BMS, you can now see the ticket number separated by - on the Import Checklist dialog box in BMS. You will find a success message in green on the top part of the ticket.

You can verify this with the following process:

  1. Click the Import from Checklists icon.
  2. From the list of checklists, go to the checklist that you saved just now.
  3. Select the checklist and click Add to Ticket. The entire set of tasks will appear above attached to the ticket. You will be able to see the blue tick marks appearing as the tasks are executed. Remember, the IT Glue embedded checklists work only if there is an active IT Glue integration connection. If the connection is disconnected for some reason, you will see a message to the effect and you will not be able to use the embedded checklists feature. In such a case, the icons will be grayed out and inactive.

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