VSA 10-BMS Integration | Accessing a hardware asset through remote control from BMS


This KB article takes you through the steps that are required to access a hardware asset through the remote control feature introduced in BMS v5.26.0. The remote control feature enables you to access a hardware asset of an account through remote access and troubleshoot the asset provided you have a VSA10-BMS integration in place.


  • VSA 10-BMS Integration


  1. Make sure your VSA 10-BMS integration is in place. For more information, see VSA 10-BMS integration.
  2. Open the particular ticket from the Tickets page.
  3. Go to the Affected Hardware tab.
  4. Click Add Asset.
  5. Select the asset from the list of assets. The list of assets that appear is related to the particular account. If you change the account, the list of assets changes as well.
  6. Click Save. The details appear under the tab. You will now see four tabs under this tab - View Asset, Change Asset, Remove Asset and Remote Control. You can open a remote control from the asset itself. The Remote Control button shows only if you have an active VSA 10-BMS integration in place.
  7. Click Remote Control. The connection will show a list of active sessions.
  8. Click an active session. The connection will prompt for two-factor authentication.
  9. Use your mobile phone and enter the time-based one-time passcode.
  10. Click OK. Once the connection is successful, you will find a small VSA 10 screen showing your active session.

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