Monitoring Alerts stay stuck in processing while creating a ticket


You have set up Monitoring Alerts to Flow into Service Desk as Tickets but in monitor>alarm summary you see that alerts are stuck at processing




It is most likely that you have email reader enabled in core ticketing module as well



1. Please make sure that the configuration to set up monitoring alerts to flow into service desk has been set up properly as per this below KB article

2. Please make sure you have disabled email reader in Ticketing>Email Reader>Disabled Email Reader


3. Please test again with a new alarm

If these steps do not help, please raise a ticket with KaseyaSupport and please mention this KB article as a reference for steps already tried


Now if core ticketing system is your primary ticketing system, then please ensure service desk is disabled from service desk>common configuration>edit>uncheck Activate Service Desk. Please also ensure that email reader is disabled in service desk from service desk>common configuration>incoming alarms and email settings>disable




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