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Cannot attach certain files to a ticket in Service Desk

Problem : When I tried to attach  some files to a Service Desk Ticket  I get the following error: 


Cause: File extension is not whitelisted in the  System > Server Management> attachment upload whitelist tab.



  • On-Premise  Customers

All file types must be pre-approved before they can be attached  to  tickets. By default, several file  extensions are not pre-approved. Please whitelist the desired  file extensions using the following steps below ;

  1. Go to System tab > Default Settings page
  2. Click on the "Attachment Upload Whitelist" tab
  3. Click "New"
  4. In the "File Type" text box, simply enter the file that you want to whitelist
  5. In the "Description" text box, enter the description of your choice
  6. Click "Save"

Please note that the Default column will say "No" because it is not a default setting that came with the system.

  •  SaaS Customers 

Due to our SaaS Security  Policies , we do not allow certain file extensions. The workaround is to change or rename the file extension , example  .bmp to .jpg 


Applies to  

VSA 9.4 and  9.5 

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