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Handling Service Desk tickets with no Org

Tickets in Service Desk that have no Org, Department, or Machine assignment are visible to all Service Desk Technicians


This is by design.
Imagine that you only have 2 orgs - AcmeCorp and Soylent Inc.
Adam is able to see the AcmeCorp org (based on his scope) and Susan is able to see the Soylent org (based on her scope).

A ticket comes in and has no org set. Adam cannot see it, as the ticket is not assigned to the AcmeCorp org, and Susan cannot see the ticket as it is not assigned to the Soylent Org.
No one can see the ticket!

To avoid the situation  of "invisible" org-less tickets - Kaseya makes these visible to all Service Desk users (Service Desk Admins and Service Desk Technicians).

Adam sees the AcmeCorp tickets + no-org tickets, and Susan sees the Soylent tickets + no-org tickets.

Solution / Workaround:
It is not recommended to have tickets with no association - you cannot report on these, charge the work to a customer, etc.
If the ticket is created via the agent icon, then the ticket will be automatically assigned to that machine, so that is not a problem, likewise, if a user logs in to the service desk and creates the ticket that way, the system will record their username.

The issue is when tickets are created via email, which is somewhat anonymous. When the system receives an email from, there is no way for this to know which organisation this ticket belongs to.

There are several ways to deal with this.

1. On the system tab -> (Organisation) -> Manage page, you can see a primary email. Kaseya will compare the domain name of any incoming emails to the list of "primary email" domains it knows about and automatically link email tickets to that organisation.
If you set the primary email of AcmeCorp Org to, then any incoming emails from will be linked to this org

2. Likewise,, Kaseya will look at the email address to see if any users or staff members' email addresses match the incoming email and will associate  the ticket to that user.

3. For everything else, you should use the Service desk -> Ticket Mapping procedure and create a "catch all" step that will assign an organisation in the event that the ticket does not have one.

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