How To Setup Monitoring Alerts to Flow into Service Desk as Tickets


How To Setup Monitoring Alerts to Flow into Service Desk as Tickets



If you would like to have your monitoring alerts flow into as tickets, please go through the following:


1. Go to ticketing tab > Email Reader page and disable the email reader

2. Go to service desk tab > Incoming Email and Alarm Settings page

3. Click "Edit" and under the "Alarm Request" section, please make sure to fill out the field "Default Service Desk". This is the desk that monitoring alerts will create tickets in


4. The "Ticket Request Mapping Procedure" and "Ticket Request De-Dup Procedure" fields are optional. You can leave them blank if you do not want to use a procedure. However, do not associate a ticket mapping procedure that you are using to map tickets to certain organizations. Monitoring alerts are already associated to a specific machine ID, which in turn are associated to a specific organization. If the ticket mapping procedure is trying to map the ticket to a certain organization, then it can create issues and cause the monitoring alert not to be created

5. The last step is to go to service desk tab > Global Settings page and enable (activate) Service Desk. If Service Desk is not enabled, then tickets will keep flowing into the Ticketing module from Monitoring:





Kaseya Service Desk, VSA v6.3, VSA v6.2

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