Shadowprotect license becomes deactivated


The Shadowprotect license on a KSBR endpoint becomes deactivated. When this happens: -

1) backups will fail with this error message shown in Backup History: -

03-Dec-2014 01:00:00  service  302  Cannot execute job, product has been deactivated

2) profile assignments will fail, with similar error shown shown in Assignment History tab



Under the terms of Storagecraft's MSP license program, there are two scenarios where a previously activated license may become deactivated: -

1) endpoints are licensed for one month in advance, and must “call home” to Storagecraft’s activation server regularly to extend the license - failure to connect for more than 2 weeks at a time (e.g. machine was switched off or did not connect to the internet) can result in the license expiring and the endpoint being deactivated.

2) the activation/renewal process detects for system changes, such as hardware changes or OS updates. If two out of three “system identifiers” change on an endpoint, the license is deactivated and new product code must be assigned. Storagecraft do not disclose specific details of what the identifiers are.

Additionally, in some cases the initial activation attempt may fail. In this case, the endpoint will remain active for a 14 day "trial period" after installation, and then start exhibiting the symptoms above.



Kaseya licensed agent became deactivated 14 days after installation: -

1) check if there are there sufficient KSBR licenses available for the OS type of the agent (workstation, server, SBS)

- purchased and used counts can be found on System Backup and Recovery > Configure > Install or Remove page


2) go to System Backup and Recovery > Administration > Application Logging - the activation attempt should have been logged just after installation. If activation failed, some details may be found here.



3) if activation failed with error message such as "unable to communicate with the Storagecraft activation server": -

- ensure the agent has internet access and can access this address -

- if internet access is available only through a proxy server, winHTTP service may need to be configured to use the proxy

- uninstall and reinstall KSBR client to license the machine again


Kaseya licensed agent became deactivated more than 14 days after installation: -

1) if machine was deactivated because it had failed to "call home" (connect to Storagecraft activation server), the following steps may resolve the issue: -

a. open Shadowprotect console on the agent machine, go to the Help > Product Activation menu, and capture the product code

b. go into the ShadowProtect install directory (usually in "C:\Program Files\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect" on a 64bit OS) and delete the MSPlicense.lic file.

c. restart the "ShadowProtect" service in services.msc in Windows

d. open ShadowProtect, go to Help > Product Activation menu again, and activate the software with the product code captured in step 1a above



2)  if machine was deactivated because of system changes, it needs to be assigned a new license. The only way to achieve this is to uninstall and reinstall the KSBR client.


If the license was purchased from Storagecraft ("managed" KSBR agent), the problem must be addressed directly to Storagecraft (



If the problem cannot be resolved using the steps in this article, please provide Kaseya support with the following information: -

1) details of agent that has been deactivated - agent name, OS, date KSBR was installed, when did it become deactivated

2) license count details from System Backup and Recovery > Configure > Install or Remove page

3) details of any error messages found in Application Logging - and details of any troubleshooting steps taken so far



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