Backup History shows a Failed job for the "unknown" profile

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Backup History shows a Failed backup job, listing "unknown" in the profile column. No log details are available.



Shadowprotect backup jobs created from KSBR profiles run a "monitor" process as a pre-backup task. This process is responsible for sending backup status are results to the Kaseya server.


There are some circumstances where Shadowprotect fails backups without running pre-backup tasks, for example: -

- the backup destination is not available

- the Shadowprotect license is deactivated


In these cases, the monitor does not run and KSBR does not receive any information about the backup. KSBR will then schedule a procedure on the agent to query Shadowprotect for failed jobs. If one is found, as failure is logged but this process runs outside of the profile and cannot detect which profile the failure was for. Therefore the profile is "marked" as unknown. Backup history is unavailable because the monitor process never ran.



This behavior is by design. To troubleshoot why the backup failed, connect to the agent using FTP or Live Connect and retrieve the Shadowprotect logs: -


c:\program files\storagecraft\shadowprotect\logs (32 bit Windows)


c:\program files (x86)\storagecraft\shadowprotect\logs (64 bit Windows)


There will be a text file for each drive being backed up containing the backup history. The files are named with a GUID, for example {CE8A9E8E-1F17-423D-A06E-85C2DBAB9C89}.txt


This example below shows a backup which failed because the destination was not available: -


18-Mar-2013 23:00:00 service 100 service (build 52) started job by full trigger
18-Mar-2013 23:00:00 service 104 6B5A-8849
18-Mar-2013 23:00:00 service 100 backup volume D:\ (NTFS)
18-Mar-2013 23:00:01 service 509 Cannot get access to destination object
18-Mar-2013 23:00:01 service 101 Cannot execute job (No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept. 0x80070047(2147942471))


Use this information to troubleshoot why the backup failed.



Kaseya and Storagecraft engineering teams are working on ways to avoid this scenario in future versions.



KSBR 1.x

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