KSBR client license removal from a crashed machine


  • a System Backup and Recovery (KSBR) client was installed with Kaseya license
  • the agent machine has crashed and will not be used again, or needs to be rebuilt on different hardware
  • how can the KSBR license be reclaimed?


If the agent will not check in again, use this process: -

1) delete the Kaseya agent

- go to Agent > Install Agents > Delete page

- delete the agent with "Delete account now without uninstalling the agent" option selected

- if the license is needed straight away, use the "clean database" button to force immediate clean-up (otherwise process may take up to 24 hours)

2) go to System Backup and Recovery > Configure > Install Or Remove page and click "Reclaim" button


If the agent machine is rebuilt on different hardware, the original license will not be valid, as Storagecraft licenses cannot be transferred between different computers. In this case, there are two options: -

Option 1

1) use above process to delete the agent and reclaim the license

2) install new agent to rebuilt machine, and install KSBR client - it will receive new license from the pool


Option 2

1) install the agent to the rebuilt machine using the original account: -

go to Agent > Install Agents > Create page

- click on hyper-linked agent ID to download machine specific install package

- it will check back in as the original agent account, but Storagecraft license will be deactivated due to hardware changes

2) go to System Backup and Recovery > Configure > Install Or Remove page and uninstall KSBR client - the license will be returned to the pool

3) install KSBR client again - it will be reactivated based on new hardware


Applies to

Kaseya VSA (System Backup and Recovery module) - all versions

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