How to gather logs for KSBR issues.


How to gather logs for KSBR issues?


Download the SPDiagnostics Utility:


SPDIAG 7.1.217

  1. Run the application:

This utility will gather the following information from the machine you run it on:

  • SPDiagnostics
  • StorageCraft Product Logs
  • System Info
  • IP configuration
  • Event Viewer logs

The package will need to be extracted into a folder.

Once the package is extracted, double-click the “runsupportmode.cmd” file to start the log gathering process.

The gathered files will output in the current users “Documents” folder.

Newer versions of spdiagnostics (7.x and later) will place these log files in the following directory

C:\Program Files x86\StorageCraft\spdiagnostic.

Take the “.7z” file and send it to Kaseya Support.

In some other instances there may be need for other logs which our support group may ask for.


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