Unable to select System Reserve Partition Backup in KSBR profile


Unable to select "system reserved partition" in KSBR profile.


This is by design. System reserve partition is not currently supported in KSBR profiles.


Support may be added in a future release of KSBR.

It can be selected from the ShadowProtect user interface on the client side, but please note the following: -

  • Storagecraft do not recommend taking regular backups of the system reserved partition
  • incremental backup of system reserve partition is not possible (every backup will be a full)
  • system reserve partition is NOT required for successful recovery, even if it contains boot configuration data (BCD). The Storagecraft recovery environment can recreate the BCD on the OS partition.

Kaseya System Backup and Restore (KSBR) v1.0, v1.1

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