Local Bulk Upload Whitelisting Guide

MSP admins can now configure values for whitelisting in bulk. Instead of configuring the values one by one, admins can download a template file, add the desired domain(s), SMTP mail server address(es), IP address(es), or a combination of SMTP Mail From and Sender Domain to whitelist and upload the edited file.

For more details on the Whitelisting feature, see Whitelisting Feature Guide – Kaseya.

Steps for bulk upload at the Organization level:

1. Go to the Whitelisting section in the Settings page of the concerned organization and click Bulk Upload.


2. Click Proceed.

Note: Save changes before proceeding to bulk upload.


3. The Proceed link will redirect you to the Bulk Upload Whitelistings page. Click the Download Template button.


4. After downloading a default Excel template, you will see the Sender Domain, SMTP Mail From Domain, IP Addresses, and SPF Value worksheets. Select the appropriate worksheet that you desire to whitelist. If you wish to Whitelist Sender Domain only, select the Sender Domains sheet.

Important: If you choose to whitelist SMTP Mail From and Sender Domain (a combination of Sender Domain, SMTP Mail from the domain, and SPF Value), select SMTP Mail From Sender Domain worksheet. 


5. Enter one sender domain per cell. 

Note: You can upload a maximum of 500 entries. 


6. Save the template. 

7. You can manually drag and drop files into the box or simply browse and select the desired file for the attachment. Click the Upload button.

  • After successfully uploading, you can act on the page, like deleting the attached file. 


8. After uploading your file, choose if you want to save it as a default for all future organizations, apply it to certain specific organizations, or do both at the same time.

9. Click the Back button to return to Settings.  


10. In the Whitelisting section, click View Current Whitelisting


You will see a list of whitelisted sender domains in the table. 


Note: Each whitelisting category (domain(s), SMTP mail server address(es), IP address(es) or SMTP Mail Form and Sender Domain)) allows you to add up to 500 entries. 

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