How to request a Unitrends Cloud Capacity Report.

Cloud Capacity Report

The Cloud Capacity Report represents the protected footprint in the Cloud for the data your source Unitrends Appliance has sent. It is comprised of the unique data that has been sent to the cloud and does not include the total values of each backup conducted (as listed in the Backup History Report). You are billed on the Capacity only.


If you are not able to get the Backup Copy Capacity Report from your appliance or would like to compare it with the Cloud Capacity Report, please open a new Support Case and include the details below. We can usually email the report to you within 24 hours.


To request a Cloud Capacity Report, please provide the following details so that we can verify the Source Asset Tag, the related Target and Appliance Name, and can export the report to you or if needed contact you for additional details.

  • Asset Tag: Allows us to find the Asset details page in our Asset Management System. It is also linked to the Account Name and shows the Cloud Target Partner that is assigned.
  • Target Name: The Unitrends Cloud Target Name is found in your Target Capacity Report as well as in the Backup Copy Capacity report. Providing this ensures our records are accurate and we provide to you the correct report details and request corrections if something is not correct.
  • Appliance Name: The Target only knows the Asset by the Appliance Name.
  • Account Name: This allows us to find the Company main number, the Contact(s) at the company, and a list of the Assets related to them.
  • Contact Name: In case we need to reach out. (e.g.: when the Asset Tag page does not list the Cloud Target, or we need to get additional information from the customer.)


Below are the steps to obtain the:

  • Target Capacity Report: REPORTS (page on left) > BACKUP COPY (Category) > BACKUP COPY CAPACITY (Report). This usually matches the Cloud Capacity Report.
  • Target Name: CONFIGURE (page on left) > Appliance (tab on top) > Backup Copy Targets (tab below). Provide the NAME for the line item with the TYPE of Unitrends Cloud.
  • Asset Tag and Appliance Name: From the Global Menu (top right), click on the question mark (?) then About.



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