Unitrends cloud customers may receive misleading backup copy suspension notifications


Unitrends cloud customers may receive misleading backup copy suspension notifications.


Unitrends cloud customers may receive erroneous backup copy suspension notifications from cloud targets.  This may occur when replication engines on a source or target are restarted in ways that do not otherwise impact replication transfer, resulting in the appearance replication services are unavailable and false-positive outage notifications.  It is normal for these services to fail to respond for minutes at a time due to WAN, VPN, or process resets, which may generate this alert in older appliances in cases where replication was not negatively impacted.  Customers have asked that Unitrends limit these false positive reports.  


To resolve this issue, upgrade your source appliance to version 10.1.

With release 10.1, these notices will only be sent when a substantial outage event has occurred that would cause active replications to be unable to resume from their current status once services would be resumed.  Standard planned cloud or local appliance maintenance that lasts only some number of minutes should no longer generate these reports.  

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