BMS-IT Glue Integration | Setup


We are expanding the two-way sync feature which involves a deep integration with IT Glue and BMS. Users will now be able to retrieve IT Glue information within the same BMS window.


Set up Integration with IT Glue from BMS

  • Navigate to Admin > My Company > IT Glue Settings.
  • Enable-IT Glue Integration: Select Yes, enter Subdomain details, and save the setup.
  • Under Subdomain text box, enter your IT Glue domain details and choose your server.
  • Each IT Glue account has its own unique URL that is generally in the format of or 
  • The first part of the URL (mycompany) is called the subdomain. 

Confirm the Integration

  • Navigate to Home > My Settings. You should see a new tab called Integrations and it should say Connected. Refer here for steps to reconnect.

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