Set up Automatic User Deprovisioning with KaseyaOne


The Enable Automatic User Deprovisioning feature pushes user access changes from KaseyaOne to Graphus when users get disabled or deleted. 

Enabling automatic user deprovisioning will reduce the manual process of disabling or deleting users in Graphus when they get disabled or deleted in KaseyaOne. 

This feature provides you with the following benefits:

  • Graphus users will be automatically disabled or deleted when they are disabled or deleted in KaseyaOne. 
  • If a KaseyaOne user loses access to Graphus by removing it from an access group, their Graphus user account will be deactivated. 
  • In some compliance cases, when a user is deleted in KaseyaOne, the Graphus user will only be disabled. This could be the case if you try to delete the last existing Graphus admin user. 


  • You must be a partner administrator for Graphus and KaseyaOne and have valid login credentials. If you don't have one, contact your administrator.

  • The Enable Log In with KaseyaOne toggle must be activated, and an active mapping must be done with a KaseyaOne account.

Enabling Automatic User Deprovisioning 

1. Log into Graphus.

2. On the top menu, click MSP Administration. 

3. In the navigation menu, click KaseyaOne. In the Unified Login section, the Enabled Log In with KaseyaOne toggle must be activated. If it is not, click the toggle to activate it. For more information, see Enabling KaseyaOne Unified login for Graphus

4. Go to the Central User Management section and click the Enable Automatic User Deprovisioning toggle button. 

Note: Once enabled, disabling and deleting users from KaseyaOne will automatically disable or delete their matching Graphus users. If deleting the user is not an option in Graphus, the Graphus user will be disabled. If a KaseyaOne user loses access to Graphus via KaseyaOnee Access Groups, their Graphus user account will be disabled. 


Additional Information

We recommend using Enable Automatic User Deprovisioning together with the Enable Automatic User Access feature. If the KaseyaOne admin removes a user from a Kaseya Access Group, Automatic User Deprovisioning will disable the user on the Graphus side. The automatic user access feature would then ensure that the user will be enabled again when the KaseyaOne admin moves the user back into an Access Group with access to Graphus. For more details, see the below articles. 

Reference Articles 
Enabling KaseyaOne Unified login for Graphus 
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