Enabling KaseyaOne Unified login for Graphus  

KaseyaOne is the customer portal and central hub for all Kaseya IT Complete portfolio products. This article focuses on Unified Login and how to add KaseyaOne to Graphus.


  • To enable KaseyaOne unified login, you must have login credentials for Graphus and KaseyaOne. If you don't have them, contact your administrator.
  • Only a Graphus admin and KaseyaOne master user can enable KaseyaOne unified login for their company. 

Enable Log in with KaseyaOne for your Company 

Enable KaseyaOne Integration

As a Graphus admin with a matching KaseyaOne master user account, you need to enable the KaseyaOne integration before you can start using Unified Login with KaseyaOne. To enable the integration for your company:

1. Log in to your Graphus portal by using your Graphus Credentials. 

2. In the upper-right corner, click the KaseyaOne K icon (next to your profile name). 

3. Click the "Enable Log in with KaseyaOne" toggle to activate the integration. This will enable your users to activate unified login with KaseyaOne. Once you click the Enable Log in with KaseyaOne toggle, you are redirected to the KaseyaOne login page to complete the activation. 

There are two options for enabling log in with KaseyaOne:

Option 1: In the upper-right corner, click the KaseyaOne K icon (next to your profile name). 

Option 2: From the MSP Administration tab on the Admin Settings page. 


Note: Once the KaseyaOne integration is enabled for your company, all users will be able to use Login with KaseyaOne

4. On the KaseyaOne Login page, enter your KaseyaOne credentials, choose the KaseyaOne company you want to connect with your Graphus company, and click Log In.

  • This step will store KaseyaOne app credentials locally in Graphus for the KaseyaOne tenants. These credentials will be used for further communication with KaseyaOne.

Note: When you forget and want to reset your password, click Forgot Password. Then the page will redirect you to the Forgot Password screen, where you must provide your Username and Company Name. A reset link will be sent to your email address.


5. If 2FA is enabled, an authentication code is sent to your authentication app. In the Authentication Code box, enter the authentication code and click Verify.


Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the Graphus portal. A message is displayed indicating that Log in with KaseyaOne was successfully enabled.

Important: From this moment on unified login will be enabled on a Graphus. User(s) email address matching with an existing email address can log in to Graphus.


Log in with KaseyaOne

After enabling the KaseyaOne integration users will have the ability to use single sign-on on the Graphus Login page. They will also have the ability to jump directly from KasyeaOne into Graphus without the need to sign in.

Log in from the Graphus Portal

Once the KaseyaOne integration is enabled, Graphus users can log into Graphus using their KaseyaOne credentials.

1. On the Graphus login page, click the Login with KaseyaOne button. 


2. Enter your credentials and the matching KaseyaOne company on the KaseyaOne Login page and click Next.


3. Enter the authentication code in the Authentication Code box and click Verify.


Once a user is verified, the user is logged into the Graphus portal via KaseyaOne credentials with all Graphus local user rights. Your users will also be able to see the KaseyaOne Launchpad which allows them to sign in to other KaseyaOne IT Complete products that have unified login set up.


Log in from the KaseyaOne Portal

Once Log in with KaseyaOne is enabled for your Graphus user, you will see a Graphus card on the KaseyaOne dashboard. If you click on this card you will be directed to the Graphus portal without the need to log in again.


Click the file icon to check your company information (refer to the "Multi-Tenant login" section below).


User Mapping enabled with KaseyaOne: Enable Login with KaseyaOne 

Important: In case your user account email address in Graphus is not the same as in KaseyaOne, you will have to map your Graphus and KaseyaOne email addresses.

1. You can map your local Graphus account email address with your KaseyaOne account email address by clicking Enable Login with KaseyaOne in your Graphus profile.


Once you click on Enable Log in with KaseyaOne, you will be redirected to the KaseyaOne Login page. 

2. Enter your KaseyaOne credentials as well as the matching KaseyaOne company and click the Log In button.


3. Fill in the authorization code for verification and click the Verify button.


4. A message is displayed indicating Log in with KaseyaOne was successfully enabled.


Once the user mapping is completed, Graphus users can log in to Graphus using their KaseyaOne credentials.

Note: If a user tries logging in via KaseyaOne single sign-on without the mapping in place, the following pop-up message will appear.


Once the user mapping is completed, Graphus users can log in to Graphus using their KaseyaOne credentials.

Multi-Tenant Login

This upgraded version of Login with KaseyaOne allows multiple Tenant registrations under the same KaseyaOne company. You will be able to add multiple Graphus companies/tenants to one KaseyaOne company. Users with the necessary accounts in these Graphus companies can single sign on to any of these companies. 

1. Enable the KaseyaOne integration for your Graphus organizations. To do so, activate the Enable Log in with KaseyaOne toggle for each company (refer to the section above "Enable Kaseya One Integration")


2. Once the KaseyaOne integration is enabled for more than one Graphus company, users will be able to use unified login for these Graphus companies. When doing so, they will have to pick the Graphus company they want to log in to.


When accessing Graphus from the KaseyaOne Home screen, users will have to click the file icon on the Graphus card and pick the desired Graphus company.


Disable Log In with KaseyaOne via User Mapping

Each user with not matching Graphus and KaseyaOne email addresses can disable Log in with KaseyaOne by deactivating the user mapping. 

1. In the upper-right corner, click Disable Log In with KaseyaOne in your profile to deactivate your user mapping and single sign-on with KaseyaOne.


  • After successfully disabling Login with KaseyaOne, a success message will be displayed.


Disable Log in with KaseyaOne for your Company 

1. Log in to Graphus using your Graphus Credentials. We recommend not using Log in with KaseyaOne.

2. Click the KaseyaOne K icon in the top navigation bar.

3. Disable the toggle button to deactivate the integration with KaseyaOne. This will disable your users from using unified login with KaseyaOne. Once you click the Disable Log in with KaseyaOne toggle, the page is redirected to the KaseyaOne login page to apply the changes.



Log Out Graphus

  • Log Out redirects you to the Login main screen. Select Account » Log Out.
    • Note: Logging out from the application will clear the browser cache of any sensitive information stored.

To configure KaseyaOne, log back in with your usual Graphus credentials and click Log In with  KaseyaOne.

Note: If you don't have an account with KaseyaOne, contact support to request one.

  • For more information about KaseyaOne, on the Login page, click Learn More about KaseyaOne.
  • You can submit a ticket using Kaseya's "Help & Support" button.

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