Troubleshooting: Turn on additional WMI logging


In order to troubleshoot issues with WMI tests, it may be necessary to enable additional debugging to collect data from both the DGE component and the WMI Query Daemon. To do so, kindly follow these instructions.


In the instructions below please replace 'TRAVERSE_HOME' with the actual Traverse installation path. (Note: The instructions are for a Windows installation but also apply to GNU/Linux by using / in place of \ for the directory paths)

On the DGE/DGEX in question

 1. Follow the instructions 'here' to enable additional logging for the DGE component by adding these logging classes:

<logger name="monitor.monitors.Monitor" level="DEBUG">
  <appender-ref ref="FILEdebug"/>
<logger name="monitor.monitors.streaming.wmi" level="DEBUG">
  <appender-ref ref="FILEdebug"/>
<logger name="monitor.clients.wmi.streaming" level="DEBUG">
  <appender-ref ref="FILEdebug"/>

2. Edit the file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\nvwmiqd.ini

Look for the entry:

 ; log level (FATAL,ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE) , Must Set 
Level  = INFO

Change it to:

Level  = TRACE 

Increase the max size of the file and the rotation (backup cycle)

 ; max log file size in MB FileSize = 100 
; number of log files to save in rotation FileCount = 10

3. Restart the WMI Query Daemon component.


Be warned that this may generate large files and consume additional hard disk space.

Once the issue has happened, please zip and attach all instances of the monitor, debug, and nvwmiqd log files for review on the support ticket that has been opened. Please do not post the files here.

To turn off the additional WMI Query Daemon logging, please restore the saved nvwmiqd.ini to TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\nvwmiqd.ini


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