Troubleshooting: Turn on additional debug logging

Default logging may be inadequate and additional logging information is needed

Depending on the nature of the issue, the Support team would provide you with a 'class' to be enabled for additional logging.
Again, depending on the nature of the issue, the logging may be enabled on the BVE, the DGE or the DGEX servers.

Step 1:
Ensure that the Support Engineer has provided the lines in the Support ticket

Step 2:
* Backup the file TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logging\debug.xml to a backup directory such as the Desktop
* Edit the file TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logging\debug.xml
* Put the cursor on the line before the last tine </included>
* Enter the lines specifying the class provided by the support engineer. For example, if the lines provided by the support engineer are
  (NOTE - the lines provided here are an example - the support engineer will provide you the relevant lines for your issue on the support ticket)

<logger name="monitor.MonitorServer" level="DEBUG">
<appender-ref ref="FILEdebug"/>

this section of the file should look like:

<logger name="monitor.MonitorServer" level="DEBUG">
<appender-ref ref="FILEdebug"/>
</logger> </included>

* Save the file

Step 3:
* Backup the file TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logback.xml to a backup directory such as the Desktop
* Edit the file TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logback.xml
* Look for the entry <property name="LOGDEBUG" ....
* If the entry is:

<property name="LOGDEBUG" value="false" /> <!-- when 'true' edit ${LOGINC}/debug.xml -->

  change the value to true so that it should look like

<property name="LOGDEBUG" value="true" /> <!-- when 'true' edit ${LOGINC}/debug.xml -->

* If the entry is already true, such as,

<property name="LOGDEBUG" value="true" /> <!-- when 'true' edit ${LOGINC}/debug.xml -->

  the file still needs to have an updated time stamp
  Go to the end of  the line, add a space and save the file
* Ensure that the timestamp on this file is the current time

Step 4:
* Wait 2 minutes
* Review the file debug.log - additional information will be collected here

Turn off additional logging:
* Restore the original TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\\logging\debug.xml first
* Next restore the original TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logback.xml
* Make a minor edit (as described above) to TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\logback.xml
* Ensure that the additional logging in debug.log has ceased

NOTE: Unless specifically indicated, debug logging should be enabled for 10 minutes

NOTE: Depending on the additional logging enabled, the disk may fill up. Keep a watchful eye


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