Troubleshooting: Tests do not appear to be reporting correctly (reporting Unknown for instance)


Certain tests do not report accurate values



Determining Test Status

The first step would be to know more about the status of the test. Please see

How to review a warning/critical/unknown error in the web interface?

Determining Threshold Violation History:

It is also helpful to get the test threshold violation history to see how the test is changing status. 

That is obtained by navigating to Reports --> Custom --> Threshold Violation History


Determining Test parameters:

It is also helpful to be able to review the test properties:

That is obtained by navigating to Status --> Devices --> click on the device in question --> click on the pencil icon at the right for the test in question 


Obtaining logs from the DGEX and DGE:

A zip of the logs from the DGEX and the DGE would be very helpful. We are looking for test values and status changes that may be recorded in the monitor.log* files. Other files may also prove helpful.


For SNMP tests only:

Running snmpwalk, probesnmptests:

It would be helpful to see what the device reports outside of the Traverse environment. Please review and provide the information related to snmpwalk and probesnmptests




All versions of Traverse

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