Tip: customizing mail content for alerts/notifications


Can I customize the mail content of alerts/notifications?


Traverse has a default action "Regular Email" that may be used for alerting (see below).

It is occasionally desirable to change the content of the email that is received.

The content is determined by the file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\actions\regular-email.xml on each DGE and BVE.

NOTE: This impacts all "Regular Email" actions. It may not be applied to selective tests. To apply to selective tests, you would need to implement a plugin action along the lines Sending Custom Email Notifications


For on-premise customers:

* You may edit the content of this file (Note that the file will need to be edited on all Traverse systems, except DGE Extensions)
* The list of variables that may be used are documented in the "Plugin Actions" chapter in the Developers Guide http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/tv/R8/dev/EN_TraverseDevGuide_R8.pdf#zoom=70&navpanes=0
* You must restart all components for the changes to take effect

* Important:
You will need to reinstate the changes after an upgrade. An upgrade will reset the file to the shipped version.




For SaaS customers:

On any one DGEX, please
* make a copy of the file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\actions\regular-email.xml on the Desktop
* make your desired changes on the copy of the file on the Desktop
* Zip and attach the file to this ticket
* We will review and upload the file to the SaaS server
* Once uploaded, please provide a 10 minurte maintenance window where the components may be restarted.


Basic Validation before deployment :
* Perform a visual check of the files
* Launch the file in a browser and ensure no errors are reported by the browser

Validation after deployment:
* Log into or represent a user in a department
* Navigate to Administration --> Actions 
* Create a new Action Proifle, specify your email address and click on the Test Now button
Detailed validation
* You may force a test to go critical (for instance by temporarily lowering the thresholds) and have test or container alerts be generated
* You may simulate a trap/syslog/Windows event if validating trap alerts


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