Sending Custom Email Notifications


How can I send custom emails based on actions ?



Note: The following is only meant to be a starting point, not a solution. The SMTP portion of the script does not support SSL/TLS authentication.

To assist in showing how to extend the Action Profile framework with scripts, Attached there is a custom email script that will allow you to send an email from a different user, with any format you desire from within your action profile.

This script implements all of the available variables that can be sent to an action script (as of this writing), and should be a clear example of how you can use this data to craft a notification of any form that you desire.

To use, simply unpack the attached file to your TRAVERSE_HOME/plugin/actions/ directory, and reload the configuration (Superuser > Health > Action > Reload Config Files)  of Traverse. Note in the case of GNU/Linux also change the .pl to executable.

Once this has been done, you should see an entry in your action profile called 'Custom Email Script'. Choosing this will use the new script, but you will need to make one last change before it will work properly - the recipient field of the action profile using the script now needs to provide a few basic parameters to the script.

The format of the field is as follows : sender_address|mailserver IP|email,email,email,email,...



This instructs the script to send email AS "sender_address", from server "mailserver IP", to recipients "email,email,email".

Note : Not all of the available fields are defined in the XML, if you wish to make use of them, you will need to alter the XML accordingly. For a full list of the variables support, see the GetOptions section of the script. All of the variables noted there are passed in with --<varname>, as the XML outlines.



All versions of Traverse 



Please also note this article is only aim as an example. For more documentation please review:


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