EMM: AD Integration fails with error message "Unable to calculate Domain name from search Base"


AD Integration fails with below shown error message in c:\kaseya\logs\services\directory-webservice.log

INFO [2015-03-10 06:53:12,441] com.kaseya.directory.web.resources.OrganizationResource: Received request for test directory resource with key 1,21371661792152351123814592
ERROR [2015-03-10 06:53:12,515] io.dropwizard.jersey.errors.LoggingExceptionMapper: Error handling a request: bede5f66cc44f700
! com.kaseya.directory.core.exceptions.LdapServiceException: Unable to calculate Domain name from search Base



Please follow below steps to resolve the issue

1. Please verify the settings as per


2.Please restart Kaseya Directory Integration Service

3. In your AD integration settings in EMM,for an example domain 'company.com', please select your search base to be like below


so in your case DC=yourdomain,DC=com

Please avoid space before and after comma(,)

Does this work?

If not, please check 'c:\kaseya\logs\services\directory-webservice.log' to see the recent entry for this connection attempt. Do you still see the same error?If you see the same error, please verify above details works with ldp.exe as described in the above linked KB article

4. If it works with above Search Base DN, then please include other parts one at a time and verify if it still works or not

So please go ahead and add OU part like shown below. You need an OU and that OU should contain of 3 security groups i.e high security policy, medium security policy and low security policy

OU=Kaseya EMM Groups,DC=xxxx,DC=xxxx

Please avoid space before and after comma(,)


Further Investigation

Please create a ticket with kaseyasupport and please include this article as a reference


Applies to

EMM, R9, on premise

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