EMM: Cannot Send Email Invites from EMM


Cannot Send Email Invites from EMM and Outbound Email Folder is Empty



Your Kaseya VSA cannot communicate with our EMM Mobile Central Cloud Server.

This could be because your VSA is not available on port 80.



Please make sure your VSA URL address set in 'system>configure>change external name / IP address of Server' is publicly/externally accessible on port 443.Mobile Central server only communicates on port 443 and that is why you will need to enable the option in system>configure page to automatically redirect login to use HTTPS. Please contact kaseya support if you require details on the specific ip addresses needed to make this firewall change and if you do not want to make your kaseya server public.

You will also need a valid digitally signed certificate (issued by a well-known certificate authority) to be installed on your Kaseya Server.Please check your SSL certificate from one of the SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool, for example: https://www.digicert.com/help/ . The result should have all green tick mark.

Once you have confirmed these changes and verified that VSA address is available publicly (i.e. externally on port 443), please go ahead and check if email invite for EMM works or not. If you still see issues with email invites, please make sure that you have atleast patch installed on your kaseya server.

 Please contact kaseya support if this does not resolve the issue for you

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