EMM: Basic Requirements

Problem: What are the basic requirements to set up EMM ?


All of these below variables should be met to make sure your EMM works in Kaseya VSA

a. Our Mobile Central Cloud Server communicates only on port 443.Therefore kaseya VSA external address in system>configure>external name should be publicly accessible over port 443 and the vsa address should be redirected to https, for example: https://vsaaddress.com

Please enable 'Automatically redirect to https at logon page (except when accessing via localhost).' in system>configure to make sure your VSA address is always accessible using https

Please contact kaseya support if you have more questions and are interested in creating a firewall rule that will open port 443 only to/from our Mobile Central Server

b. Kaseya Server should have a valid digitally signed SSL certificate set up



Please ensure to check your SSL certificate after installing the valid digital certificate from URLs such as "https://www.digicert.com/help/" and verify that you do not see any errors during this check

c. The AD machine should have SSL/TLS enabled and a certificate set up


From help file


Requirements for Active Directory Servers

Allow access from the VSA. Only the TLS protocol and port 389 are supported at this time. If the VSA does not share the same intranet as an Active Directory instance, the Active Directory instance must be available on a public IP. For security reasons this IP should only be reachable from the MSP's VSA IP address. Mobile devices relay their authentication requests through the VSA to reach an Active Directory instance. Customer organizations should whitelist the VSA IP address for servers hosting customer Active Directory instances.

d. Please check other requirements as per our help file


Further investigation:
Please collect directory-webservice.log from c:\kaseya\logs\services and please submit that to support when creating the support case along with screenshots of error message that may come up during the set up

Applies to R9 and above

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