EMM: How to remove a device from one VSA and register it with another VSA?

Problem: When I'm trying to register a device, it gives me an error suggesting the device has already been registered.

Cause: If in past, you had installed Kaseya EMM apps using an invitation received from a Kaseya Server, the device would be registered with that KServer instead. Now, if a manual uninstall is done and a new registration is attempted, you will see such error message.

Solution: The correct way to remove and register a device is as follows:

  • In your VSA, please browse to Mobility > Devices
  • Click on All Devices category and look for the device in question
  • Select your device and choose Delete from Device drop-down as shown in below screenshot:


  • You can then manually uninstall the Kaseya apps from the device.
  • Send a new invitation from new Kaseya Server or existing one to re-register.
  • Download the Kaseya MobileManage app or WorkDocs/WorkBrowser apps and register using the new activation code from the new KServer.


Applies to: EMM.


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