KMDM and device battery life concerns

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Question - With KMDM Mobile Agents running on my Devices, how is battery life used?

Answer - A number of factors that will impact device battery life as follows:


- If tracking is turned on. If tracking is turned on, then the GPS will be powered on until tracking is turned off. Device profile settings such as tracking accuracy and minimum accuracy and max tracking time will also impact power usage. Setting higher values for each will help preserve battery life and the expense of tracking accuracy.

- Frequency of agent check-ins. The frequency with which the mobile devices will check in is base on the device profile setting 'Agent Checkin Timer". The lower this value the more battery will be consumed.

- Wireless radio being used. 3G is generally more power hungry when actually transmitting data, so when possible wifi is a better option.

- Frequent contact backups: Contact backups can be slow to process and tend to send a lot of data (its a backup at this point not a sync). We would not recommend frequent contact backups.

- Balancing usage - This can be site specific, and can change based on site & device requirements.

- As with all new toys there is the desire to test and play. However when deploying the agent to live, in the field devices please consider. Do you really need to track an individual's movements?

- Also how often are you going to queue commands to a device more than once a day? After rollout even that would not be a typical requirement and so longer check-in times should be preferred wherever possible.

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