KMDM Lost Devices

KB# - KKB000835

Question - What does KMDM provide for lost mobile agent devices?

Answer - The following is provided presently:


A - Mark device as lost: Marks the device as lost in the DB. This is only used in conjunctions with Alerts if the device checks in.

B - Mark device as found: Removes the lost flag and queues a stop alarm request if an alarm had been queued against this device. Also sends an immediate ‘request check-in’ message to clear the alarm as soon as possible.

C - Sound Alarm: Queue an alarm request on the device. At next check-in this request will be processed and an audible alarm will sound on the device at full volume. Must use Mark as found to clear this alarm. Also immediately locks the device.

D - Wipe Device: Triggers he device Wipe functionality to reset the device back to its factory settings. Removes all user data – including the Kaseya Agent. *Use appropriately with caution & care.*

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