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"Offline" status in MDM app

KB#:  KKB000949


The 1.1 version of the Kaseya app includes a notation of "Offline" or "Online" within the app.  This status indicates the device's ability to communicate via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is the new preferred method of communication between the Kaseya MDM infrastructure and the mobile device.  When the device is able to successfully communicate via SIP, the status will show as "Online".  When the device cannot communicate via SIP, the status will show as "Offline".  When SIP communication is not possible, the app will use a backup method of communication:

  • iOS devices will use Apple's built-in Notification processing to allow the device to communicate with the VSA
  • Android devices will use SMS-based communication when SIP is not available

SIP is new to the 1.1 version of the app.  Both fail-over methods were the standard communication channels in the earlier versions of the Kaseya app.

In the event the mobile device user sees a status of "Offline" within the app, as illustrated in the screenshot below, this is not cause for alarm.  


To support SIP communication via WiFi, ensure the network infrastructure is allowing SIP communication on ports 5060 and 6060.  Wireless routers may need to be configured to open these ports.

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