Is there a way to roll-back or test changes to service desk procedures?

I have a service desk procedure that is working fine and I want to make a change to it.
If the change does not work, is there a way to revert to a previous version?

There is no versioning of service desk procedures built in to Kaseya, but there is a handy way to do this and minimise the risk when changing complex procedures.

Imagine that you have a 100 line "Ticket Change" procedure - it is checking all sorts of things and running various sub-procedures.
Making a change to this, can be daunting - what if the change doesn't work? What if everything looks good, but a day later I discover a problem and cannot remember exactly what I did?

The solution is a simple one.
Let's start with the "Incident is Changed". The out-of-box procedure. It works, but you need to change it to suit your needs.
The moment that you edit this procedure and save it, the previous version is gone. If your changes don't work, you simply need to undo them, but if they are complex, you may not get all the changes right.
So, don't edit and save the original - simple!

Edit the "incident is changed" procedure and immediately save it as "Incident is changed v.1.1"
You can edit this procedure to your heart's content. Once you are done with your edits, save this (as v.1.1)
The service desk will still be using the original at this point, so,
1. Go to the Service Desk tab -> Desk Definition page
2. Select the desk in question, in this case "Incident", click the Edit button
3. On the "Procedures" tab, change the "Ticket Change Procedure" from "Incident is Changed" to "Incident is Changed v.1.1"
4. Click Save

At this point, the service desk is instantly using your v.1.1 procedure. You can test and check that everything is working the way that you want.
If you are happy, then leave everything as it is, but if you find a problem, you can quickly repeat steps 1 to 4, but this time, changing back to the original "Incident is Changed" version and you are back to where you started.

This process applies to all the procedures, not just Ticket Changed. You can always edit the existing one, save it as v.1.1, 1.2, and so on, leaving as many versions as you need behind - the service desk will only use the one that you have specified in step3 (above). There is no harm in having 10 older versions of the procedures in the system - they will not be used.

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