Where are ticket attachments saved?


Where are attachment to tickets in Service Desk saved?

Are they in the database, or on disk?


The text of attachments is stored in the database, however, attachments such as ZIP or JPG files are stored on disk.
These can be found in c:\kaseya\webpages\ManagedFiles\VSATicketFiles
The structure is a little confusing at first - the tickets are broken in to their numbered parts

For service desk tickets, the structure is this

\IN\000\001 - This would be the folder for Service Desk ticket IN000001
\KB\023\456 - This would be for ticket KB023456

For "Ticketing" tickets, the location is the same, but these tickets do not have prefixed letters, so they are just the numbers

\1024 - Attachments for ticket 1024

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