Service Desk does not appear in the list of my modules after changing my account type


Problem: I no longer see Service Desk in the list of my menu when I log into my VSA, what could be the issue?


Cause: The cause of this behavior could be any of the following:

1. The Role you are logged in as does not have the SD Admin or AD User Role Type

2. The Server was just updated/upgraded and many modules aren't showing up (On-Premise)

3. You recently changed your On-Premise or Cloud Server to another Instance


Solution: Here are the solutions to those causes, respectively:

1. Navigate to System > Roles and select the Role you are using. Check the Role-Types assigned to this role and add the SD User or SD Admin Role-Type.

2. You will need to need to connect locally to your Kaseya Server and navigate to the web-page 

3. You will need to reach out to your CSx representative to ensure you are still licensed for this module.

3a. If you are On-Premise and confirmed you are licensed for the module; you will need to install the module using the Kinstall.exe.


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