Saving ticket gives error: "Hours Worked required"


When trying to save a ticket, it gives an error of "Hours Worked Required"


The "hours worked"  field is has been configured to be a required field. The user trying to save the ticket may also be associated to a user role in which the "hours worked" field is set to HIDDEN. This will prevent them from being able to see the Hours Worked field


1- If you require the Hours Worked field, please go to service desk tab > Role Preferences, select the affected user role, and then make sure to set the Hours Worked field as EDITABLE

2- If you do not want the hours worked field to be required, please go to service desk tab > Desk Definition page. Choose the desk and then click "Edit" on the top menu. You will see an option called "Require Time". You will need to disable this option.

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Service Desk 


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