How to create a procedure variable and the difference between procedure variables and ticket property variable


How to create a procedure variable and the difference between procedure variables and ticket property variable



This is an article that will help users understand the difference between a procedure variable and a ticket property variable in Service Desk. It will also allow them to understand where these variables can be used.

This will give SD Admins a better understanding of procedure and ticket property variables to set up message templates and SD procedures

Procedure Variables:

Procedure variables are those located in the service desk tab > Procedure Variables page. These procedure variables are those that a customer can edit/create and set their own values for. There are some procedure variables that are created by default. One example is the: Email_KaseyaServer procedure variable. This is the variable that is used by default in the "Send Email" step in SD procedures. In the "Send Email" SD procedure, there is a "FROM" field. In the default SD procedures, this FROM field is filled out with: [=Email_KaseyaServer=] . If you notice, the procedure variable is wrapped around brackets with equal signs. Procedure variables are called using brackets and the equal sign. Procedure variables can be used in message templates and SD procedures.

Ticket Property Variables:

Ticket property variables are different than procedure variables. Ticket property variables refer to the fields within a Service Desk ticket. For example, you see the "Status" field, "Stage" field, and "Due" field in a ticket. These are all considered ticket properly variables. Custom fields that a customer creates that also appear in SD Tickets are also considered ticket properly variables. Ticket property variables are called using the following: [$Status$] . If you notice, ticket property variables use brackets and dollar signs. This is the difference of calling a ticket property variable vs. a procedure variable. Ticket property variables can be called from message templates and SD procedures as well.

To get a list of ticket property variables that you can use, please go to service desk tab > message templates page and you will see a message template called "All Ticket Property Variables"


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