How to manually enable/disable policies to add/remove performance counters based on views.


You have created a policy which applies a performance disk monitor set. This set creates an alarm is the disk full to below 10% free.

This monitor set is then applied at a group of machines. However for whatever reason you wish to change/remove this policy and monitor set from the machines. But this is not possible to change or remove on an individual basis since it's been applied to the group.

Creating a new policy and monitor set with a different threshold (5%)  does not override the original monitors set settings but "Stack"


The resulting alarms would be as follows.

  • Disk at 8% would result in one below 10% alarm.
  • Disk at 4% would result in one below 10% alarm and one below 5% alarm being generated.


This is expected behaviour as performance counters do not override but stack.

Also policy ordering has no bearing on whether or not the alarms will generated. 



Since machines have to be apart of a policies view to receive the policies settings we can add an additional checks to the views compliance to allow us to manually disable compliance for one machine.


We can do this by creating a custom field for all machines then having the view look for the contents of this custom field. Since by default we want this policy to be applied we will create this view, that if the custom field is blank then the policy will be applied otherwise don't apply it.

This will then give us the ability to manually disable compliance for some machines but not others. Thus giving us the ability to disable the 10% policy and monitor set if it's using the modified view.


While we're trying to describe the simplest form of view compliance based on custom field contents, this can be built upon by having multiple views looking for specific contents within the same customer field and or automating the population of the custom field via an agent procedure. 


1) Create a custom field.



2) Create a view to interrogate the custom fields contents.



 3) Test by excluding a machine.



Only the machine we added "NO" to has been removed from the view and therefore it will not receive the policy and associated monitoring. 


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